Yorkshire Terriers – The Irreverent Vet’s Opinion on the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier – Yorkshire Terriers are very nice, fastidious little dogs. Generally, they are independent yet very affectionate and loyal to those that love and care for them.

The Yorkshire Terrier doesn't require a lot of special exercise but they do like to play and go for walks. The breed does require special grooming if you want to have a well-manicured dog. Yorkshire terriers make wonderful companion pets, especially if you want a lap dog. While they are okay with kids they can be quite sedentary and may not be interested in extended play times.

I think of these dogs as ideal for singles or couples that don't have a very active life style. They are loving dogs that have a long life span. However, they do have some genetic health problems so be sure to choose your Yorkie from a reputable breeder.

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