Your Grr-eat Dog Horoscope…for February 2007


Check out your Grr-eat Dog Horoscope for February 2007!

Water Bearer it's time to get the best of both worlds this year, due to the planets affecting your sun sign. If you give-and-take cuddles and strokes, you can help yourself to help others achieve happiness and peace no matter what changes happen in your world.

Animal and Human Relationships: Team up with your humans, whether it is exercise or down time. Yep, animals and humans can become best friends with no strings attached.

Health and Well-being: In the spring you may benefit from a pet professional to help balance any negative emotions. Think of it as a time to detox your inner being so you can enjoy the summer as well as the other seasons.

2007 Pet Tip: Resolve to be man or woman's loyal confidant no matter what happens.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Aquarius Paul Newman-Newman's Own Organics is his premium pet food line; he donates to animal organizations.

Kerouac is the co-author of 202 Pets' Peeves, and is noted as a seismically sensitive cat in the new book, "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes," by Cal Orey, based on geologist Jim Berkland's quake warnings which include moons, tides, strange animal behavior (disoriented pets, lost cats and dogs). Available at and