A person holds a piece of fruit in front of a dog's face.

5 Human Foods That Make Dogs Sick

Feeding your dog from the table may seem like a nice treat for your best friend, but many human foods can be toxic for canines, leading to unexpected trips to the veterinary emergency room.

Here are five different food items that can be toxic for dogs and should be avoided:

Five Foods that Make Dogs Sick

Safe Treats for Dogs

The best treats for your dog are low in calories and make up less than 10 percent of your dog’s daily food consumption. If your dog has dietary restrictions, discuss giving any new food or treat with your veterinarian. All treats given should be appropriate for your dog’s size and cut into reasonable portions.

Safe and healthy treats for your dog include:

Preventing Poisoning in Dogs

The best way to prevent poisoning is to ensure that your dog isn’t exposed to toxic foods and toys.

Here are some tips for keeping your pup safe:

If you suspect that your pet has eaten or potentially ingested a toxic food item, please contact an animal poison control service, your veterinarian or a local veterinary emergency clinic immediately.