9 Tips for Keeping Pet Costs Down During the Recession

The recession has caused many people (including pet lovers) to take a long hard look at their finances and encourage reevaluation of expenditures. With the increase in costs of many basic items and a recent record unemployment high – it may be important to consider ways you can cut corners at home. These corners may include pet care related costs.

Here are some tips that may help:

1. Reconsider Treats. Treats can be expensive. You may want to reconsider the number and type that you give. You can feed less treats by breaking them apart (this can also help the waistline!). Another consideration is to make your own treats. You can do this by buying a canned version of the food you are feeding creating your own treats from this formula. Go to Directions for Making Home Made Treats Using Canned Food. Not only are they often healthier – buy they are made with love. There are also several recipes for homemade treats from scratch. Go to Homemade Treats for Special Occasions for some tips.

2. Keep Your Pet at an Ideal Weight. Dogs that are at an ideal weight are generally healthier than those that are too thin or obese. Obesity can lead to arthritis and diabetes. You can keep your pet at an ideal weight by feeding less or encouraging more activity. Pets with less health problems require fewer trips to the vet, which we all know can be expensive. Also – it allows for your dog food to last longer and saves you money.

3. Provide Good Dental Care. You can help minimize the need for expensive veterinary dental cleanings by giving your dog good dental care at home. Daily brushing is ideal. Go to How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth.

4. Feed Good Food. Buying cheap or off brand food is not a way to “save”. Quality food provides good nutrition and optimizes health.

5. Buy On-line. Minimize impulse purchases at the pet store. It is easy to see a bag of treats or a cute new toy and toss it in your cart. Make a note and think about it. You can find many products at a discount online.

6. Groom Daily. Take time daily to brush or comb your pet. This can help identify skin problems early that may prevent a vet visit and prevent mats. Daily grooming can help keep your dog’s coat healthy and prevent expensive grooming visits.

8. Bathe Your Dog. You can save money on expensive grooming and bathing expenses by grooming your dog yourself. Some owners don’t want to or like to bathe their dogs because it can be time consuming, difficult and messy. A product called Rapid Bath is amazing and can allow you to quickly and easily bathe your dog.

9. Make a Homemade bandana. Instructions are easy – all you need are scissors and a piece of fabric. Large discounters often sell fabric for as little as $1.00/yard. You can create very cute seasonal bandanas for very little money. Go to Making a Homemade Bandana for our simple instructions.

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