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A Lesson Learned: Get Pet Insurance!

Pet Insurance For Louie the Snoodle – You Never Know

The thing about life is that you just don’t know what will happen. Luck comes in spurts, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Like they say, “When it rains, it pours.” Many of us have insurance for those days when it’s pouring. Health insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance and even life insurance seem like a good investment, but many of us don’t think we need pet insurance. After all, all the pets we’ve had have been healthy their whole lives. What happens when you finally do need it though? I just read a story about a woman who wouldn’t go without pet insurance again.

Kimberly Pervez in Tempe, Arizona had never had any expensive medical issues with her pets. It crossed her mind to get pet insurance when she and her husband got four-month old Louie, a schnoodle. However, when she broached the question with her husband, he pointed out all the money they would waste paying premiums. All their pets had been healthy in the past.

This seemed reasonable, so Kimberly agreed, only to have her mind changed three weeks later. Louie was in the backyard playing with the kids when Kimberly heard a terrible howl. Obviously, something awful had happened to Louie. In fact, he had broken his paw and not just one bone, but every finger cross bone. The bill at the veterinarian was close to $900.

Louie will wear a cast for 12 weeks and every two weeks the cast will have to be changed. The cast gets dirty and Louie chews on it. Every trip to the vet is $100. So far the family has spent $1,200 and there’s still more bills to come. There’s even the possibility of needing ortho-surgery to correct any problems if the bones don’t heal correctly.

Kimberly isn’t taking any more chances. She’s getting pet insurance now. The money that they’ve spent would have covered years of premiums. Do you have pet insurance? Should you consider it for your Snoodle or dog? It is true – you just never know what will happen and pet insurance can really help for those unexpected expenses.