Discovering the Value of Pet Insurance

Discovering the Value of Pet Insurance

In this crazy life full of stress and worries, everything we can do to rid ourselves of on more concern is worth the effort. We stress over money perhaps more than anything else. However, in times of duress, money is the last thing you should have to worry about. Every day we get emails from pet lovers who purchased pet insurance and have saved themselves the need to agonize over money when caring for an ill pet. I just read one particularly nice letter from a family that has definitely found that pet insurance makes a difference.

Faith McCune in San Diego, California writes of her dog Duffy, an Australian Shepard. When Duffy was nearly 13 it was discovered that he had liver cancer. After testing and a painful biopsy, his condition worsened and the McCunes feared the worst. His condition worsened rapidly and ultimately they had to put him down. Although he mercifully lived a short time after the discovery of his illness, suffering little, the expense of his treatment was still immense. The McCunes incurred $1,500 in vet bills. They did all they could for this beloved dog, but realized that had his illness been prolonged they would have been in dire financial straits.

After recovering from the loss of Duffy, the McCunes brought another Aussie into their home who is now four years-old. They decided to get her pet insurance as a precaution, “just in case.” They were hopeful that she would live a long and healthy life, but wanted to certain no matter what life threw at them, they would be able to paid for the best health care possible.

Faith writes that so far, with routine care insurance, the policy has paid for itself. It was discovered that she’s allergic to the DHPP vaccine and had a scary reaction to the injection. She has to be titer tested for the rest of her life to see if she still has the antibodies in her system. This is yet another expense.

An active dog, the new Aussie competes in agility and has already had one injury that was covered by the comprehensive care. They added a cancer rider last year to their policy for just a few pennies more a month and the McCunes believe they have every eventuality covered. It’s worth it to them. For the cost of a nice dinner every month, there will be no worries about finances if tragedy strikes. Faith feels it is a small price to pay for piece of mind. Maybe you should check out pet insurance and get the same piece of mind.

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