Dog Powered Scooters – Is a Dog Scooter Right for Your Dog?

Dog Powered Scooters – Is a Dog Scooter Right for Your Dog?

If you haven’t heard of dog powered scooters, you might be excited to find a new way for you and your dog to exercise and spend time together. If you have a high energy dog that likes to move forward – that may be prefect. Dog powered scooters are the newest trend in exercising with your dog!

What is a Dog Powered Scooter?

Just as the name implies, the dog powered scooter is a traditional scooter that harnesses the energy from your dog, instead of your leg. As scooter use has increased as a means of urban transport, the makers of the dog powered scooter have found a way to bring man’s best friend into the picture. In a custom fit harness your own dog replaces all motorized parts. It’s a unique spin on the old, dog sport of sled pulling.

Can Any Dog Use a Dog Powered Scooter?

Dog powered scooters are not for all pups. While some terriers and toy breed dogs seem to have plenty of energy, physically pulling around their owners is just not feasible.

However, most medium to large breed dogs are easily fit for scooter harnessing with a little training. It’s important to remember that your dog will not immediately become an expert member of the scooter club, and following the training and introduction instructions from the manufacturer is very important for the safety of you and your dog.

Benefits of Dog Powered Scooters


  • Dog powered scooters provide a great workout for dogs.
  • It can serve as an energy outlet for hyperactive, under stimulated dogs. Very energetic dogs are often engaged by working. Dog powered scooters are a great way to harness this energy for a purpose.
  • Dog powered scooters are very earth-friendly hobby. This no emission transportation mechanism is a great alternative to motorized bikes and scooters. For those lucky enough to take their dog to work, the dog powered scooter might provide an alternative means of transportation.
  • There’s nothing better for bonding with your pet than spending quality time together. Dog powered scooters provide a way for owners and dogs to interact together in an exciting and productive way.

    Cautions for Using Dog Powered Scooters

  • It is important to consider your dog’s physical health before jumping into this new hobby. Dogs with limiting arthritis, heart or lung disease are not well suited for strenuous exercise. Contact a veterinarian to see if a dog powered scooter is right for your pet.
  • Be careful not to over do it. Many dogs will love exercising like this a little too much and not let you know when they are over-exerted or injured. It is important to examine your pets feet after using the scooter to ensure the surface they are running on is not causing abrasions. It is also important to start out with a mild pace and distance in order to work up to the best level for your dog.
  • Because your dog will not immediately be a pro at using the dog powered scooter, use caution while riding during the training period. A favorite squirrel or friendly neighbor may provide a dangerous distraction until your dog is trained for using the scooter.

    Where Can I Get One?

    Dog powered scooters can be ordered at, cost around $500-600.00 and are customized for your dog.

    For more information about dog scooters, check out this book by Daphne Lewis called Dog Scooter – The Sport for Dogs Who Love to Run.


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