Is there a Network Of Veterinarians for Pet Insurance Companies?

Is there a Network Of Veterinarians for Pet Insurance Companies?

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Is There a Network Of Veterinarians for Pet Insurance Companies?

When clients are thinking about getting pet insurance they often ask whether their vet or clinic is “in the network.” By this they mean that the vet is included in the group of care providers who work with insurance companies to provide and receive benefits.

The answer is that pet insurance and human insurance companies don’t work the same way. At the time of writing this article, pet insurance companies in the United States don’t require networks. Owners are free to use any vet, clinic, or specialist they like, both in-state and far away. They can also use their benefits at specialist or emergency clinics.

One exception is the Banfield chain of veterinary care providers and their Optimum Wellness Plans. Unlike insurance benefits, Optimum Wellness Plans function like discount memberships for care delivered at Banfield locations. They primarily cover wellness and prevention such as vaccines rather than accidents and injuries. For more information on Banfield’s plans go to:

In summary, for every insurance company researched for this article there is no required network of veterinarians. Using any of the major United States providers, owners are free to visit any vet or clinic they like. It is always best to confirm the rules of each plan and provider before choosing care, however.

I hope this gives you more information about how pet insurance companies work relative to a network.

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