A happy dog sits in an empty cardboard box.

Moving with Dogs: The Importance of Preparation

Whether you’re moving with a dog across the country or down the block, the sense of displacement that your dog is likely to experience will be the same. No matter where you’re going, learning how to help your dog adjust to a new home can be challenging.

Animals are very territorial, and naturally become attached to their home. Your dog won’t understand the sudden change in their normal routine, which may make them anxious and uncomfortable. The physical process of moving can be chaotic for a dog, which makes it important to do everything you can ahead of time to ease their anxiety and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before the move:

During the move:

After the move:

Road Tripping with Dogs: How to Keep Them Safe and Healthy

Road tripping with dogs can be a lot of fun—if you plan ahead.

Think about where you will stay when you stop driving for the day. Many hotels do not accept pets or they may have size and breed restrictions. Plan on staying in a hotel where your dog will be welcomed.

Make sure that your dog is microchipped before leaving town. Microchipping provides an extra layer of protection should your dog happen to escape or in case their collar slips off.
Before taking a long road trip with your dog, practice with some short trips first. See how your dog does with the ride and whether they become anxious or not. If your dog becomes anxious when riding in the car, see your vet before going on a trip, as they may prescribe some medications to help ease your dog’s anxiety.

Never allow your dog to stick their head out an open window, as you risk them jumping out of the car or getting something in their eyes or ears. Don’t put the car window down unless your dog is restrained in a crate or by a doggy seat belt.