One Dog, Three Vet Visits- Pet Insurance Helps!

Jack Russell Terriers Made for Pet Insurance

Some dogs seem to find ways to get into trouble that you could never even imagine. Of course, these are the most entertaining characters that ever grace our home. We love every moment of their antics. All the same, trouble-making dogs sometimes get themselves in over their heads. Despite your best efforts, they can get hurt and having a great veterinarian is crucial.

I just read a story about a Jack Russell terrier that seems to have a desire for thrill-seeking and a tendency to end up at the vet’s office. Sharon Young in Eastern Cape, South Africa writes about the amazing amount of trouble her little dog seems to manage to find.

When Sharon’s Jack Russell was only five months-old he decided that chasing cars was an important component of his watch dog duties. She was good at it too. A little too good. The little terrier caught up with a car and found out the hard way that she wasn’t going to win the war against the automobiles. She fractured her leg and spent a week in the hospital. Sharon tried to keep her out of trouble when she got back home.

It was only another three weeks later though that the terrier found more trouble. Despite being safely locked up in the garden to play, the Jack Russell got into a disagreement with a branch. She managed to pierce her eye and although there was no permanent damage, again she spent a few days in the vet hospital.

A few weeks later, the little dog decided to eat her water bowl. She quickly developed a bowel obstruction and earned another week in the hospital. Sharon now keeps close watch on her, even in the garden. She gives her dog only metal bowls and gives her plenty of chew toys. Still, she wonders when the next trip to the vet is going to be.

Although it is unusual for South Africans to have pet insurance, Sharon chose to purchase insurance, understanding how “busy” a Jack Russell terrier can be. She isn’t sure how she would have coped with all the veterinary bills if she hadn’t. She takes good care of her dog, but some pups know how to find trouble their first year. If you’re getting a puppy or even if you have an older dog, you may want to consider getting pet insurance yourself!

Several veterinarians have told us – Jack Russell’s are made for pet insurance. They are ornery and get in to things that makes it a real plus to have pet insurance to help with veterinary bills when you need it.

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