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Should I Get Pet Insurance For my Senior Dog or Cat? A Vet’s Opinion

Should I Get Pet Insurance For my Senior Dog or Cat?Should you get pet insurance for your senior dog or cat? That is an excellent question and one commonly asked amongst pet owners and from owners to veterinarians.First before thinking about if you need it, consider what insurance is and what it can do for you.Insurance is a risk management tool. Pet insurance gives you financial protection against loss or harm.So if for your senior pet – you could not afford an unexpected expense in the event of an illness or problem – then pet insurance can help you do that. Insurance is a means of protection – that is protecting you financially and helping you be able to do the right thing for you dog if there is a problem.It is difficult to know which pets will have large medical bills or not. It is not dissimilar to trying to figure out if you as a person should be investing in nursing home insurance. A person can drop dead one day and another need nursing home care for years. If you knew the future – you’d know what you needed.For dogs and cats – it is hard to know if they will actually benefit from insurance or not and truly use it to treat an unexpected illness. If you can’t afford expensive possible problems and you would want the best for your pet – insurance allows you to do that.I hope this gives you more information about if you should get pet insurance for your senior dog or cat.