A Veterinarian’s Review of Petsecure by Western Financial Pet Insurance

A Veterinarian’s Review of Petsecure by Western Financial Pet Insurance

Western Financial Pet Insurance is a Canadian insurance company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have changed names several times from SecuriCan to Petsecure to Signature for Life and now Secure for Life.

7 brands are sold under the Western Financial Pet Insurance name, the most common and popular brand being Petsecure. Other brands include PC (President’s Choice), Pet Insurance for Hudson’s Bay, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). Personal Pet Insurance Program, Walmart Pet Health Insurance, and Desjardins Pet Insurance.

Where Does Petsecure by Western Financial Pet Insurance Provide Pet Insurance?

Petsecure provides pet insurance for Canadian customers.

What Pets are Eligible for Petsecure?

All ages and breeds of cats and dogs are covered by their plans.

What Type of Coverage Does Petsecure Offer?

Petsecure offers four levels of coverage with your choice of a $100 or $400 deductible.

Does Petsecure Cover Wellness Care such as Vaccines, Spaying, Neutering, and Heartworm Prevention?

Preventative care is included in Petsecure’s Secure 4 policy. All other plans do not include wellness care.

What Doesn’t Petsecure Cover?

Like other pet insurance companies, Petsecure doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

What Vets Accept Petsecure?

You can take your pet to any veterinarian in Canada and be covered under Petsecure.

When Does Coverage Begin Once You Sign Up for Petsecure?

With all plans, the waiting period for accident coverage is 48 hours and the waiting period for illness coverage is 14 days. (Preventative/routine care coverage under the Secure 4 plan has no waiting period.) A 6-month waiting period for dental coverage applies to all plans and pets.

Are Hereditary, Congenital or Chronic Conditions Covered with Western Financial Pet Insurance?

Depending on the plan and the carrier, they may be covered as long as the pet is not showing symptoms of the conditions at the time they are insured. For the most accurate information it is best to look at the terms for the plan in question.

Can I see a Specialist with Petsecure?

Yes, you can see any specialist in Canada. To see a specialist, schedule an appointment and submit any paid bills to Petsecure just as you would your regular veterinarian.

How Much Does Petsecure Cost?

Monthly premiums vary based on your plan options, pet’s age, location, health, and whether they are spayed or neutered. To give you an idea of what costs to expect, I got quotes for a 4-year-old neutered male Labrador retriever in Columbus, Ohio:

How Much Would I Get Back From the Insurance Company for a Claim?

With Petsecure you get 80% of your veterinary fees back. This means that if your vet charged you $1,000 in qualifying costs, you could expect $800 back from Petsecure If you have met your deductible.

How Are the Vet Bills Paid or Reimbursed?

If your pet needs to visit the veterinarian, you pay the full amount of your bill at the office and then submit a completed claim form to Petsecure for reimbursement.

How Long Does it Take to Settle Claims with Petsecure?

According to the Petsecure website, the average time to process a claim is 7 – 10 business days.

What Makes Petsecure Different from Other Companies?

Because Western Financial Pet Insurance underwrites so many insurance brands, they are well established in their field and well known by veterinarians.

Do Veterinarians Recommend Petsecure by Western Financial Pet Insurance?

Although Western Financial Pet Insurance is typically well-regarded by vets, it is important to do research on the particular brand you are interested in and ask your vet what they think.

What is the Contact information for Petsecure by Western Financial Pet Insurance?

Website: petsecure.com
Phone (Toll Free): 1-800-268-1169