Dog Eating Chocolate

Watch out for those Chocolates! And get Pet Insurance!

Does Pet Insurance Cover Chocolate Toxicity?

Tis the season for chocolates, but that doesn’t mean your dog should get his share. Chocolate is strictly a human’s only treat. There are so many perils in the household for the curious canine. It is easy to forget and let a trouble-making pooch get himself into a bit of trouble. We all make mistakes, but are you prepared in the case of a serious situation?

Pet insurance can help you deal with a major financial situation involving medical care and if you’re on a fixed income might even save your pet. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you because you just never know. I just read a story from a serious dog lover that whose dog nearly lost her life.

DJ is a 4.5 pound red poodle and the light of Francesca Austin’s life. Francesca, her poodle and her Australian cattle dog, Ranger live in Northampton, Massachusetts. DJ found herself a dangerous treat in Francesca’s purse, a dark chocolate candy bar. Francesca didn’t notice at first the poodle had found a potentially deadly snack and by the time they found her working away at the bar, she had nearly finished the whole thing.

It wasn’t long before DJ became restless, thirsty and then began to vomit. Francesca looked up chocolate ingestion on the computer and read to induce vomiting. She did so with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, but DJ kept getting worse. Worried, Francesca and her husband took the little dog to an emergency clinic.

DJ had to stay all night and started to get better, but then began to have seizures. Dark chocolate is especially toxic and as DJ’s blood pressure and heart rate continued to rise, she was touch and go. It was a dangerous situation. Thankfully, the little dog pulled through and left the hospital with a touch of pneumonia from aspirating during all the vomiting. She was fixed up by a series of antibiotics, but it was a close call overall.

Francesca is so glad that her darling pooch pulled through, but wanted to share the dangers of chocolate. She also wanted to note that pet insurance paid for a large portion of the unexpected emergency hospital bills. She hopes that everyone will consider getting insurance for their pets!

Pet insurance does cover problems and toxicities such as chocolate toxicity. The amount they cover will depend on your individual policy. This goes to show you never know what a dog will get in to and how quickly things can happen. Pet insurance can really help with those vet bills when something does happen with your dog.