More than a Canine Officer – A Best Friend!

Those that work with their dogs and depend on them for their well-being and to help others have a very special relationship. Dogs have some very dangerous jobs out there and always take their work seriously. They find victims in disasters, sniff for bombs or drugs, find mines and work for the police department among other important jobs. I just read a wonderful tribute to a German shepherd that was more than just a K-9 officer.

Sgt. Kevin Griffin in Tifton, Georgia tells about a partner he had that was his absolute favorite, “Miko.” Before Kevin was a Sergeant, he worked for five years as a K9 Officer and handler. He and Miko, a female German shepherd worked long hours together and many happy times.

As a team the two officers made around 300 narcotic drug cases and hundreds of arrests. Although Kevin was awarded as officer of the year and won a community award as well, he is certain that it was Miko that deserved the awards. She was more than just an officer of the law. Miko helped teach the children of the community about the dangers of drugs. She also passed on life lessons to Kevin. It was Miko that made Kevin understand the importance of teaching children. She also gave him courage.

Sadly, just a week after retirement at age nine, Miko was fatally injured. Kevin and his family have suffered her loss deeply. He states that she was a true, loyal companion and that their community has lost a real hero. Although pained by her loss, Kevin hopes that someday he will be fortunate enough to have another K9 officer grace his life.

Your dog may not have a day job, but all our dogs work hard to please and share the wonderful things that dogs understand. I bet your dog tells you every day that life is grand! Life is better with a canine partner.

Do you have a canine friend that has changed your life? Be sure to share your story. We would love to hear it!