Dog Affected by the Pet Food Recall?

Our question this week was:

My dog has been acting a little funny and wonder if he could be affected by this food recall? What advice can you give me?

Jane Wood


Hi ā€“ thanks for your email. This pet food recall has been awful causing wide spread panic in my clients. It is scary! First, Iā€™d recommend starting by looking at what foods you have fed your pet over the past couple weeks and what you have in your cupboard.

As you may know, food has been recalled from over 46 chain stores. The recall covers several different foods primarily with gravy components with the dates of December 3rd ā€“ March 6th. The recall does not affect all varieties of the different food.

The reports indicate that some component in the food is causing kidney failure in cats and dogs and death in at least 10 pets.

The most common signs are vomiting, not eating and lethargy. If your pet is eating one of the recalled for and experiencing any symptoms, please call your veterinarian. I hope none of your pets are affected.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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