Katrina’s Canine Heroes

Dogs are so wonderful for a cuddle, a scratch and some sloppy dog kisses, but sometimes they are also our saviors. Our dogs protect their family, their homes and it’s not usual to hear stories about dogs that have saved their owners’ lives. It’s amazing though, how our canine friends can come through under pressure, even in the worst of times. I just read the most incredibly touching story about two German shepherds who were their family’s saving grace in hurricane Katrina.

Vikki in New Orleans, Louisiana writes about Comet and Duke and how they were Katrina heroes. The German shepherds and their family live just outside of the French Quarter and rode out the storm. When the storm had passed, they were fine, as fine as anyone who remained, but unable to get out of the city.

Vikki’s cell phone didn’t work so she walked out into the city to try and find a payphone. She took Comet with her. When she at last found a phone, there was a line and worse she had to wade through three feet of water to get to it. Comet swam as Vikki fought her way to the phone. Standing in line, it was obvious that the city was in shambles. People were breaking into stores, getting drunk and Vikki spotted a man who was stabbing a woman with a knife. It was too much for Vikki, who decided she would be safer at home, but as she stepped out of line to retreat, the man spied her and thought about approaching. Comet saw it too, barking and growling, scaring the man enough that he ran away. Vikki is sure that Comet saved her and the woman that was being attacked.

Later that night, while the family was waiting for the water to recede and leave a road dry enough to drive through, they left Comet and Duke in the car to protect it. The dogs valiantly guarded the car from frantic thieves who were looking for a way out of the city. Three days later, the family made it out of New Orleans in their car. Although people tried to convince Vikki and her husband to leave the dogs behind and drive them out instead, the family wouldn’t hear of it. If it wasn’t for Comet and Duke they wouldn’t have had a car and Vikki may have even lost her life.

They are all back home in New Orleans now and Vikki says that times are tough. However, she had Comet and Duke to help her out. Vikki rescued these two heroes from terrible homes and their appreciation is undeniable. She can’t imagine life without them.

Do you have a story about how your dog came to your rescue? Be sure to share it. We would love to hear about your wonder dog!