Kids Pet Poetry Contest Winners – Read these Poems

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) sponsored the Association’s 3rdAnnual National Children’s Pet Poetry Contest.
Response from students and teachers nationwide was phenomenal,” President Bob Vetere said. “More than 1,000 poetry submissions were received this year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see how excited kids get about their pets!”

Through APPA’s Pets Add Life campaign, third, fourth and fifth grade students from across the country were invited to write a unique poem about their pets, what they love about them, the joys they bring, and then post it on-line or mail their final submission.

Two students from each grade level (6 total) nationwide were selected to win a $250 gift certificate for pet products, and a “by-line” in a nationally circulated publication. In addition, the six winning students’ classrooms will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to spend on pet related education.

Poems were judged on creativity, clarity, voice, and the child’s ability to reinforce the message of the joys and benefits of pet ownership. The panel of judges consisted of third, fourth and fifth grade teachers, elementary school administration, and APPA.

Here are the six winning poems by grade level:

Third Grade Winners

Lovable Kitties
By Sydney of Modesto, CA

One cat, two cat, three cat, four
All were chasing a ball of yarn on the floor.
First, we rescued Snowy and then there was Twitch
Then we found Rose and Taz in a ditch.
Mom said rescuing one would be okay,
But the lady at the shelter said it was a two for one special that day.
A house with four kids and four cats,
A crazy combination that could give our parents heart attacks.
One child, two child, three child, four
Loving their kitties more than the day before.

A Member of Our Family
By Shemarof Royal Palm Beach, FL

There’s a member in my family
and I know just who it is
My dog Max is the one
who’s like another kid.

His fur is white and black
with a little touch of brown
His eye’s are big and shiny
and he never wears a frown.

He likes to play fetch
and cuddle up with us
He’s soft and fuzzy
and we never make a fuss.

We adopted him from a shelter
where he was sad and all alone
He looked misunderstood
so we brought him home.

He’s the best dog ever
that is easy to see
That’s because he is
the best dog he can be.

Fourth Grade Winners

By Skylar of Newton, NC

Where do I go to feel joy all around?
I always go play with my trusty hound.
What do I do when something troubles me?
I always go see my sweet dog, Jolly.
Who do I tell all my secrets to?
I always tell my dog, there, now I’ve told you.
If ever I’m feeling a little blue,
I always know just who to go to.
She’s my best friend,
Always loyal to the very end.
Everyone I know has been told,
She always has a gentle heart, pure as gold.
She’s such a treasure,
I will always love her forever and ever.

My Tiny Tibbles
By Nadia of Tampa, FL

I walked in the pet store, ecstatic to see, a hamster inside waiting for me.
The hamster I wanted, was only a baby. As soon as I saw him, my heart filled with glee.
I took him to my house, he squeaked like a mouse. He rolled into a ball. His orange fur shimmered in the sun. I could tell, he was having fun.
I took him inside, safe in his cage. Then I remembered, he didn’t have a name. How about Squeakers. No, that will be lame. What about Tibbles? Do you like that name?
He bounced and bounced on his tiny feet. My tiny Tibbles, do you want a nibble? Here are some carrots. They are super healthy. That also taste, extremely yummy.
When he was done, he did a little yawn. In his cage, he dug a hole with his tiny little paws. He got in it, and winked good night, and then he closed his small black eyes.
Then in bed, I tucked myself in. I took one last look at Tibbles, and fell asleep with a grin. My tiny Tibbles, my tiny Tibbles, I love him.

Fifth Grade Winners

My Dog Moe
By Abby of San Diego, CA

Moe is not your average dog.
He is curious about the most odd things.
He likes the light of diamond rings
And hates when the spongebob pirate sings.
He finds weird things such as nets.
I love it when his nose is wet.
He is the absolute perfect pet!

My dog’s a golden and lab mix.
He does a lot of super fun tricks.
I taught him most of what he knows.
He loves to lick all of my family’s toes.
You can tell when he gets confused.
When his head tilts to the side,
He also might wink one eye.
He always makes me really glad.
Moe is the little brother I never had!

I Wonder
By Amanda of Bowie, MD

I miss my pets while at school, oh yes!
In the world, I vote that they are the best!
But I wonder what my pets do at home.
I wonder if Cindy is chewing her bone…
And what will the cats do today
While my family is all away?

(Cindy’s part)
Oh, I wish that my owner would come right away.
I watched her disappear on the bus today.
I don’t know what she does at school.
All I can do is sit and drool.
I miss Amanda and hope that soon
I will bark a happier tune!
The cats are being total pains.
I wish they could be put out in the rain…

(Figaro and Carmen’s part)
Our owner is gone, hip hip hooray!
Imagine all the things we can do today!
Rip up the sofa, claw up the chairs,
And chase each other up and down the stairs!
We think that the dog is a total sap,
When Amanda comes home, we’ll fake a nap!
Then she will think that the dog was bad,
And with us she will not be mad!

(Amanda again)
I am back home at last, yippee!
My pets are here to greet me.
Hey, what’s that mess over there?
Did you two cats claw up that chair?
It’s okay, Cindy! I know you’re good.
It’s Figaro and Carmen who don’t do what they should!
Still, I love my pets because they add,
To my life so much more happy than sad!

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