My Angel…Heaven Sent

You are now about to meet Pastor Kim Rapczak of Pittsburgh, PA and her dog Angel. Their story will lift you up and warm your heart.

“Angel” was a six-month-old black and white shaggy puppy when Pastor Rapczak first met her. Actually, she and her friend had gone to the shelter “just to look.” Well, as things often happen, she came home with a puppy, Angel.

That was three months after her mom had died and she was terribly depressed. March 17, 1991, was the day the Pastor brought Angel home and it was the start of the healing process of her great grief.

Angel traveled with the Pastor everywhere. When she worked as a hospice chaplain, Angel came with her to visit people who were dying. This amazing Angel pup was quite affectionate with them, and they responded to her, even when they had begun to withdraw from human contact.

Now, if you happen to have a loved in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, bringing the family pet to visit will help then in numerous ways. First you need to check with the facilities staff to be sure that pets are allowed and if they are, then you need to follow the rules. Bring them to visit as often as possible. Pet visits lead to communication between residents of the nursing home who would otherwise have nothing in common. This leads to a benefit of an ongoing nature even after the visit is over.

And, remember…Pets and seniors are a good mix.

If you have an uplifting dog story concerning your pet and a senior citizen, then, write us and let us know!