10 Things that Change When you Get a Dog

What changes when you get a dog or a puppy? Or..what doesn't change? Based on emails from our users over the past 6 years, these are the things that seem to change.

1. You think about someone else (your dog), not just yourself (especially if you are single).

2. You smile more as you watch your pet do something completely silly that just steals your heart.

3. You get up earlier to let your dog out and get to enjoy the quiet of the morning (and maybe even catch a sunrise).

4. You may become more active because your dog encourages you to get out and about for walks and exercise.

5. You meet a new set of really good nice people that you never knew before (e.g. dog owners, from the veterinarian office, boarding facility or groomers)

6. You find that you bond with other dog lovers and have a common ground to discuss! You can find yourself talking about your dog anywhere, even the grocery store!

7. You find that you carefully watch your pet for any abnormality or signs of sickness or pain since he can't talk to you.

8. Every day your dog makes you smile.

9. When you go shopping, you find yourself wanting to buy things that might make your dog even happier, such as special treats or toys.

10. You find yourself looking forward to arrive home at the end of the day to see your special friend who is waiting at your door to give you tons of unconditional love.