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After a dog is selected, the handler has to undergo training to learn how to interact with the animal. The individual also needs to learn service dog etiquette. Have you ever been told not to pet a working animal? Handlers have to know how to talk to the public about interacting with their partner.




A Typical Day for A Seeing Eye Dog

Seeing eye dogs are bred for their desire to work. They need to have consistent opportunities to use the skills that they’ve been trained to practice. If they don’t work regularly, they’ll lose some of their abilities.

During the work day, the dog won’t be playing games or romping around. It’s important for the animal to be focused. These dogs mainly help blind people navigate without a cane. The dog will escort the owner around obstacles, indicate when there are steps or curbs, and help the individual get in elevators and taxis.

How do they know where to go? They are trained to look out for safety issues. They also follow specific commands. They must even learn when the owner’s command will put them in danger. For example, they won’t cross the street if a car is coming, even if they have been told to do so.

At home, the dogs provide companionship. They make life less lonely for visually impaired people. They may be able to help locate objects around the house or retrieve items for the owner. The dog can be trained to follow commands like “Find the chair,” or “Find the bag.”

Downtime in The Life of a Working Dog

The life of a service dog isn’t all work and no play. Guide dogs develop better temperaments when they’re allowed to do the things that dogs like to do, like goof around, fetch toys, and chase balls. These types of dogs still have a chance to be themselves when they’re not working. During their downtime, they’re just like any other family pet. However, they are still expected to be obedient and well-mannered.

Partners for Life

When a dog and a handler click, they may become partners for life. Although the dogs love to work, they also become part of the owners’ family. When they get home, they may play and snuggle together. Dogs that help the blind are often allowed to play with other animals. However, they may be more interested in bonding with humans. They can truly be a man’s best friend.





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