Are All Men Dogs?

Are All Men Dogs?

You know what he's going to do. And even if you tell him not to, he does it anyway and gives you an adorable look that says, "Oh gee, I just forgot not to do that." Then you go clean the mess he made while he darts away.

The most maddening thing is, he really did forget. And he'll forget again.

Despite your best efforts, his personal hygiene is a little lacking. It just doesn't occur to him that you may not appreciate snuggling with someone who has been running around all day and needs a bath. He neglects his teeth and gets annoyed when you try to do something about it.

At dinner, he wolfs down his food so fast you wonder if he really even noticed what he was eating. As far as you were concerned, the bringer of food, you disappeared the moment you set the food down. But as soon as he finished, it's time for more fun – even if you're still eating.

Man or dog? If the above description leaves you confused as to which we're referring to, you're not alone. Either out loud, whispered among themselves in the bathroom or within private thoughts, women know that men and dogs share many traits.

There's the constant need for approval to prop up fragile egos; the child-like letdown when women just don't want to play; and the sudden reversal to joy when they do. Food is heaven – especially meat. In fact, that's when a man's attention is most focused because all other times guys are distracted – often by a car.

For many women, life with men would be much better if they could extend the man/dog analogy a step further to deliberate breeding for specific traits and purposes. But we're not quite there yet.

Are Women Cats?

If men are dogs, the natural question is: are women cats? Well, let's consider the feline temperament:

  • Unpredictable. You never know what's going to tick off a cat. On the other hand, affection and attention often comes at odd moments. Sound like anyone familiar, guys?
  • Fastidious. After eating, drinking or even touching you, a cat immediately tries to remove all traces with thorough washing. The lady in your life feels the same way. With a dog like you, who could blame her?
  • Grace. Lithe and precise, cats can glide up on you without you ever knowing.

    Cats are also famous for their jealousy. Add another cat to your one-cat household and see what happens. The fur will fly and you'll find yourself caught in the middle. So how do people of such different temperaments get and stay together?

    If we knew that, we'd know everything.

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