Best Friends: A Guide to Bonding with Your Dog

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Everything about dog training and human-canine interactions comes down to the relationship you have with your dog. Bonding takes time and work. Falling in love with your dog at first sight is pretty common, but loving a dog isn’t the same thing as sharing a connection.

A key component of a strong canine-human bond is fostering one-on-one relationships. Simple everyday tasks and interactions with your dog such as feeding, walking, grooming, playing, snuggling, and loving words and touches are great ways to facilitate and strengthen the bonding process. These interactions teach your dog that your relationship represents a 24/7 commitment.

Owners who form a strong bond with their dogs are more inclined to train them, and trained dogs are more apt to be included in family activities such as hiking, jogging, and swimming. These shared experiences ultimately form the foundation of a tight bond. Let your dog know how much you love him and how delighted you are that he’s yours. Be your dog’s best friend and biggest supporter, and the development of a strong bond will prove inevitable.

Do You Love Your Pet Too Much?

It can be a fine line between love and obsession. Accordingly, many experts have witnessed examples of dog owners who become overly-dependent on their canine. This can result in unhealthy consequences such as:

  • Allowing your dog to interfere with your daily life.
  • Letting your dog seriously affect your important human relationships.
  • Relating to your dog to the point of exclusion of family and friends.
  • Believing you cannot live without your dog.

As with many aspects of life, moderation is preached. A dog owner should exude love toward his canine in the form of a healthy, lasting bond. When this is accomplished, your ever-so-happy dog is sure to reciprocate the feeling.

Resources for Bonding with Your Dog

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