Choosing a Pet Psychic

Don't you wonder what happened in your rescue cat's previous life? I don't mean the one where she lived with Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, but the beginning of her life, before you rescued her? Do you wonder why Fido is terrified of fire hydrants? I mean, what dog is afraid of fire hydrants! We all wish we could get into our pets' furry heads from time to time. There are people out there, however, that swear they can do just that. If you want to know what your cat, dog, horse or goat is thinking, you might want to call a pet psychic.

What's a Pet Psychic?

Animal communicators like Marla Steele who has radio spot on KZST radio in Arizona and Sonya Fitzpatrick who has a show on Animal Planet believe they can communicate with animals in telepathic pictures and feelings. Marla explains that she reads the animal's spirit or energy, which makes the experience a little like using the Internet. It's an instantaneous heart-to-heart connection where information is relayed at high speed. Only there are no web pages. Instead the animal communicator gets images, feelings and sometimes even smells.

What Can they Tell me?

Pets seem to like to share their favorite colors, toys, foods and places. They also like to share their dislikes of noises or certain people. You could ask the pet psychic to find out what would make your pet happier. Maybe you have an older dog that seems to be achy all the time. Why not ask where your dog is actually in pain? Sometimes animal communicators believe they can figure out the root of a behavioral problem through the animal's feeling and therefore help you solve it. Steele says that often times people contact her when faced with euthanizing a beloved pet. They want to make sure they are doing the right thing and that they get to say goodbye. Overall, animal communicators believe that they can help you strengthen the bond with your pet.

Where to find a Pet Psychic

Many pet psychic don't feel the animal needs to be present to speak it with telepathically. The energy is there, so the communicator can sense it. This also means they can help find lost pets and talk to animals that are no longer with us. So if you are looking for an animal communicator, it may not be essential to find one in your area.

Start with friends. Sometimes you can find a friend that has had a good experience with a particular animal communicator. Word of mouth is the best way to go. Maybe you're not really a believer, but want to try anything and everything to solve a behavior problem. Why not do a little bit of research over the internet and find an animal communicator with a reasonable phone rate and good credentials. All professionals should be able to provide you with reference to check.

Learn Pet Communication

Many pet psychics believe that any person can communicate with their animals if they choose to work at it. When we are young we are better at it because are mind is not yet cluttered with the practicality of being an adult. Maybe you should try using a few of their tricks and see if they work for you. Steele says that you simply have to believe that you can really do it, relax your mind, use your imagination to have a conversation and be really confident that what you are experiencing is accurate. Why not give it a try? Perhaps the best pet psychic to listen to your pooch or kitty is you!