Dogs and Full Moons – What Dog Owners Have Witnessed

Dogs and Full Moons – What Dog Owners Have Witnessed

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Has your dog ever done anything strange during a full moon?

The results were as follows:

Votes %
No 41.3%
Yes 30.43%
I’m not sure 28.26%

We also got some interesting comments including:


  • Mona wrote, “My bichon always is on “high” alert during a full moon. She will bark at the moon,the trees,buildings or anything that is highly visible in the lighted night. She can not sleep when a full moon is present, and she spends much of the night pacing.”
  • Joyce A. Wrote, “My dog (a lab) is quite a talker as it is, but during the full moon, he barks almost constantly, running through the house–and I rarely can figure out what he hears to bark at.”
  • Darlene wrote, “My dog barked and barked during the last full moon – unusual for him – a rottweiler/shar pei mix”.

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