pexion approved by FDA

New Drug Can Help Dogs Afraid of Noises

Pexion Has Just Been Approved By the FDA

Does your dog struggle with loud noises? It’s not rare for dogs to get spooked when they hear noises out of nowhere — like fireworks — but some dogs really can’t handle it and start acting abnormal. Some dogs might howl, others might get destructive on the furniture or your new throw pillows because they just heard something really loud, and it was pretty scary. Dogs afraid of noises are quick to show their discomfort, and a new drug called Pexion can help.

The FDA has just approved Pexion, which is tablets of imepitoin, as medicine to aid dogs who struggle to remain calm when they hear things like fireworks, really noisy traffic, gunshots, or airplanes. In other countries, imepitoin is approved to treat epilepsy, but it can also work similarly to drugs like Valium to treat noise aversion.

Canine noise aversion is a blanket term that’s used to describe the anxiety and fear that dogs exhibit due to sudden noise. It can range from mild to severe cases — we all jump at a sudden loud noise, but the difference lies in how we react. With dogs who are unable to return to their regular behavior, Pexion can step in and give them a way to calm down.

In a study, dogs who suffered from noise aversion were given Pexion in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, and on New Year’s Eve when fireworks were expected to go off. The owners watched and reported on their dog’s behavior, and 66% of dogs were able to maintain their composure when the fireworks started going off. The owners also compared their experience during previous New Year’s Eve celebrations and when their dogs were on Pexion.

With the success of the study, Pexion will soon be widely available to dogs to keep them calm during loud noise events. However, like with any drug, it’s not a perfect solution. A small percentage of owners reported that their dog became aggressive while taking the drug, or experienced increased appetite, lethargy, or vomiting. The specific cases of aggression included growling at a small child and a loss of self-control with other dogs.

So, if you dread New Year’s Eve each year for your dog’s sake, Pexion might just be your saving grace. Just like you would with any drug you give your dog, you’ll obviously want to pay attention to their behavior to see if anything changes. Your vet can help you out with what you should watch for, and will also be able to recommend if Pexion is a good choice.

No one wants to see their dog suffer or have to worry about their home being trashed because their dog is afraid, and a dog that struggles with loud noises might even be putting added stress on you and your family. With the launch of this new drug, you could be able to give your dog a way to stop living in fear and your family peace of mind.