workouts you can do with your dog

New Year, New You: Try These Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog

Ready to get in shape this year? How about your dog? If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, your dog might be able to help you stay on track. Plus, if your dog is also due to lose a couple pounds, you can help both of you stay healthy in the new year.

Obesity in dogs is a problem, and it also can shave years off your dog’s life. Don’t let a lack of motivation allow your dog to remain unhealthy… get out there and get moving! Check out these easy workouts you can do to start making exercise part of your daily routine.

The Walk

Sometimes it helps to start small. Just walking your dog is a great way for both you and your pooch to get in shape and stay in shape. People who walk their dogs typically meet or exceed the recommended amount of daily exercise, and even have more motivation to do additional workouts. If you’re not already walking your dog regularly, you don’t have to start off with a brisk two miles. Take a stroll around the block, or go to the end of your street and back and work your way up to longer walks. This will also help your dog get used to the new routine. Make sure you take water and poop bags with you so you’re prepared for anything, and pay attention to how your dog is feeling so you don’t overexert them.


Like walking, only more adventurous, hiking is a great way to get in an easy workout while also taking in the scenery with your best pal. Try to keep a brisk pace so your heart rate stays elevated, and like walking, make sure you pack enough supplies so your dog’s needs are fully accounted for. You’ll also want to make sure you use insect repellent for ticks if it’s not freezing, just to be sure you don’t come home with any unwanted houseguests.

Running and Biking

If your dog is up for it and won’t be slamming their paw on the leash before you’re down the street, try running or biking with your dog to help keep up your cardio. Make sure you have the right harness for your dog before you head out, since just using a leash could end badly if you have to stop suddenly or your dog takes off. Both running and biking are perfect for dogs who like a lot of exercise and activity. However, if you have a dog that prefers the couch or is a getting on in years, dragging them outside with you could do more harm than good. That doesn’t mean they can’t come with you though! This dog-friendly basket for bikes is perfect for dogs whose short legs make it hard to keep up.


If it’s too cold to go outside, try having a dance party with your pooch! Put on some great music and make up the moves as you go. Dancing is a great way to burn calories, and if you get your dog involved you can both have some fun while also getting in a good workout. Try having your dog do tricks like running between your legs or rolling over to help them get into it.


Want to get into yoga this year? Look for a doga class! These yoga classes are built to involve your dog, so you get a good workout in while also spending time with your furry friend. Your dog won’t get much of a workout in a doga class, but they will get to relax and bond with you, which can be a great exercise for their mental health.

Don’t let your New Year’s resolutions go to waste by making excuses. Go out and try these workouts with your dog to start your 2023 off on the right foot!