What Is Dog Digging Repellent?

What Is Dog Digging Repellent?

what is dog digging repellentwhat is dog digging repellent
what is dog digging repellentwhat is dog digging repellent

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If you have a dog that digs, you may have asked yourself, “What is dog digging repellent?” A dog digging repellent is a product that is designed to deter a dog from digging. Some of these dog digging repellents are effective, while some dogs aren’t bothered by them in the least.

If it rains, a dog digging repellent must be reapplied.

Dog Digging Repellents You Can Buy

There are many types of dog digging repellent that you may purchase from pet retailers:

  • Liquid repellents – If you are having issues with your dog digging in your yard, consider using a liquid repellent. This ready-to-use spray repellent can be sprayed on your lawn to deter your dog from digging. (Some brands also offer a granulated formula that you can spread on your lawn.) One application lasts up to 30 days, but if it rains significantly, it is advised that your reapply the repellent. This liquid repellent repels animals with its odor and taste. Biodegradable sprays containing citronella repel many dogs but won’t hurt the greenery. They also help to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. You can also look for sprays containing garlic oil, clove oil or pepper extract. After applying the spray, wait until it dries before letting your dog go outdoors. This is important because some ingredients like hot pepper can be irritating to the skin and eyes.
  • Water sprinkler repellents – This harmless deterrent simply frightens off animals using a stream of water. The motion activated sprinkler repellent system senses animal movement up to 35 feet away. There are no chemicals and nothing to clean up because this system relies on the most natural substance in the world – water.
  • Ultrasonic animal repellents – This type of animal repellent scares away unwanted animals, including dogs, by emitting ultrasonic waves and flashing LED lights. This eco-friendly repellent is harmless to animals, humans and the environment. Simply hang it on a fence or wall, or plug it into the ground.

Homemade Dog Digging Repellents

While you have a large selection of dog digging repellents available in the marketplace, you want to be careful about using any products that contain chemicals that can harm your dog. A better option may be making your own dog digging repellent at home. Here are a few homemade dog digging repellents you can try:

  • Cayenne spray – Add one part cayenne to 10 parts water and spray the liquid mixture over the problem areas on your lawn. Do not make the mixture too concentrated as cayenne can harm your dog’s sensitive nose and irritate the eyes, nose and throat.
  • Your dog will stay away from areas treated with this mixture so that it will not irritate his delicate senses.
  • Vinegar – Dogs have very sensitive noses and they will not forget the locations of irritating substances. Dogs hate the smell of vinegar. You can soak cotton balls in vinegar and spread them over the problem areas. Just be careful not to spray vinegar directly over your plants or grass as it will kill them.
  • Essential oils – Essential oils like eucalyptus, cinnamon or sour apple can be mixed with water and sprayed over areas where you do not want your dog to go.
  • Chili powder – Chili pepper is a very effective dog repellent. The capsicum in the pepper is very irritating to the area around the dog’s nose. Sprinkle some chili powder around your plants or problem areas of the lawn. This will deter your dog from digging in that area.
  • Ammonia – The smell of ammonia is a powerful dog digging deterrent. Soak cotton balls in ammonia and place them in problem areas to keep your dog away. If your dog is digging along the fence line, soak some wood chips in ammonia and place the wood chips all along the fence line. The wood will hold the scent of the ammonia for quite a while. Eventually, your dog will associate the fence with the smell of ammonia and will give up digging there.
  • Citrus – Cut citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes and spread them around in problem areas to keep your dog away.
  • Dog poop – If your dog is digging in your yard, place his poop in the problem areas.
  • Dogs do not like to dig their poop out, and they will stop visiting that area to dig. Once your dog’s interest in this spot has faded you can discard the poop and fill the hole with soil.

To learn more about digging behavior in dogs, go to How to Stop a Dog from Digging.

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