How to Get Your Dog to Love the Crate

How to Get Your Dog to Love the Crate

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Crate training is routinely recommended by veterinarians and animal behaviorists. Widely considered a safe and humane training tool, your dog’s crate (sometimes called a “kennel” or “enclosed dog bed”) should be a sanctuary for your dog. With training, it will become a retreat away from the busy home and a place where your dog or puppy can feel safe and secure.

The process of crate training can help you housetrain your dog and create a well-behaved pet that is a joy to be around. Not all dogs respond to crates the same way, however; some will take to them immediately while others require more encouragement from their owner.

Susan Garrett is a well-known animal trainer who has created several excellent videos on the subject of crates. Her program includes some very good techniques for helping your dog love their crate. She calls her videos “crate games” and these techniques have really helped many dog and puppy owners that I’ve met.

Here are four videos that I think will help you make your dog love the crate:

I hope these videos help you and your dog love the crate.





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