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How You and Fido Can Look Good While You Leash Dog Walking

It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you and your favorite furry companion decide to hit the pavement for a leash dog walking adventure. The two of you are decked out in your finest designer apparel: you in your kicky heels and Sweetie Pie in her finest designer dog leash. But, there is no little issue. Sweetie Pie and you have yet to master the fine art of looking good while leash dog walking.

First you need to forget about fancy “heeling,” where your dog’s shoulders are aligned perfectly with your knee. What we need to focus on is a simple partnership in which you become “one” as you enjoy your leash dog walking experience with Spike.

There are several ways to train, yes train Fifi in the art of leash dog walking, so that there will no pulling. Just remember this simple rule: Appropriate behavior is rewarded while inappropriate behavior is not. In this case, leash dog walking without pulling is appropriate while dragging you down Rodeo Drive in your strappy sandals is out of the question.

The reward for leash dog walking properly is praise and the walk itself. So what about the negative aspect? How do you withhold a walk from your little bundle of love? The answer is to stop in your tracks whenever Fido becomes a leash pulling little devil and don’t start again until the leash slackens. Then, praise him and walk on. Now, if your little bundle of fur still persists in making a scene while you are leash dog walking, you should tell him “no,” but don’t make a fuss. It’s far better to praise him loudly and show affection when he lets the leash loosen up. And remember that making a scene is strictly for actors and high fashion models and not for dogs.

On the Road to Pure Perfection While Leash Dog Walking

You must buy a good quality dog collar and leash (check out our website.) Remember that sometimes that very high-end crystal dog collar might not be the best of quality, so examine them and see if it fits your style and Fluffy’s needs.

Here are some additional guidelines for buying the perfect dog collar for your leash dog walking adventures.

The first, and most important consideration is fit. Your dog collar should be sized to fit comfortably around your adult dog’s neck, and it should be adjustable to expand with your growing puppy. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck before buying your dog collar. The ideal fit for the dog collar should allow for one to three fingers to fit between your dog’s neck and the collar, depending on the size of your dog.

Now, it is time for the adventures to begin while you are leash dog walking.