Kids Say the Silliest Things … About Pets

Kid's say the silliest things – and the silliest are usually about their pets. Here are some of our favorite witticisms from some of our young readers:

"My fish is strange. When I stick my nose up to the glass, he tries to eat it. Jessica, 10, Spokane, Washington

"If happiness is a warm dog, is sadness a cold cat?" Siria Gamez, 12, Miami, Fl

"I don't know how anything can be born without eyes." Alexis, 3, Whitmore Lake, Michigan (as she watched newborn kittens)

"My dog can jump high. One day he jumped over my head and was it scary." Alyssa, 11, Lexington, Kentucky

"Digging in the litter box is not very exiting. You always find the same thing." Bryan, 9, Pennsylvania

"Cats are girls, dogs are boys. That's just the way things should be."
Aubyn, 12, Richmond, Virginia

"When a dog puts his tail between his legs, he is less dominant. Why, then, do dogs have their tails like that when the eat? Is the food more dominent than the dog?" Sarah Elizabeth, 11, Warwick, RI

"Why is it that dogs hate it when you blow in their mouths but as soon as they get into a car they stick their heads out the window?" Kaylie, 10, Santa, Calif.

"I did that when I was a puppy, too." (Watching new puppies nurse from their mother.) Mary Ann, Chester, Va

"Mom, you won't believe this. Penny (our dachshund) was at the park and she didn't even ask to go!" Becca 5, Roselle, Ill

"My cat does act like a dog. He drools, pants and bites. But don't worry his bark is worse than his bite." Larissa, 12, Canal Winchester, Ohio

"Cat food looks better than it tastes." Justyn, 3, Millville, N.J.

"He's a 'latreiver', but he doesn't 'latreive' every well." Nathan, 4, Annapolis, Md.

"What's the difference between a playful bite and a real bite? They both feel the same." Joshua, 11, Redmond, Wash.

"Using the litterbox to go to the bathroom isn't as much fun as cats make it look like." Dominic, 3, Chicago, Ill.

"Look, our cat looks like a wind-shield wiper when he scratches behind his ear." Rebecca, 6, Miami, Fla.

"Don't feed your dog beans." David, 7, Wichita, Kan.

"Dogs suck up their food like vacuum cleaners!" Sara, 9, Erie, Pa.

"The difference between boy kittens and girls is that girls have pink paws and boys have black. Chentell, 8, Brooksville, Fla.

"Cats are good mops and brooms." Alex, 10, Union, N.J.

"Never eat dog food; it says it's made out of real pork, but I guess they forgot to cook it." Jennifer Lee, 6, Los Angeles, Calif.

"Dogs kiss really funny." Allison, 5, New York, N.Y.

"Never tell a friend that a bone is a cookie!" Emily, 10, Redmond, Wash.

"Puppies are cute, except when they're ugly." Mickey, 6, Woodbridge, Va.

"Bring Pattycakes home (from the vet's) today, she has been asleep long enough." Bekka, 4, San Jose, Calif.

"Lifting your leg to go on bushes, isn't as easy as it looks." Matt 8, Gainesville, Fla.

"Never stick your hand through a couch if there's a cat there. It Hurts!" Selina, 13, Panama City, Fla.

"Some dogs you can ride like a pony and not fall off as hard." Hunter, 3, Oswego Ill.

"My cat thinks she's a dog; she can roll over and stuff." Josh, 11, Ramsey, N.J.

"Kissing a puppy isn't as fun as kissing mommy!" Tyren, 7, Burlington, Iowa

"Cats are girls and dogs are boys. That's the way things should be." Aubyn, 12, Richmond, Va.

"Jared (our cat) must have another date with Missy (neighbor's cat); he's giving himself a bath AGAIN." Madeline, 7, Detroit, Mich.

"Even if your dog already ate, he still wants your food." Brittany, 10, Oklahoma City, Okla.

"As Shakespeare once said, 'Don't pet a cat if it hisses; it will leave you a nice boo-boo.'" Taylor 8, Sellersville, Pa.

"I learned to swim from my dog, doggy paddle style." Kyle, 10, Louisville, Ky.

"Dogs aren't stupid when they chase their tails. They just mistake them for toys." Emily, Tampa, Fla.

"My dog Samantha is so loveable that she smiles at you with her teeth, after she's done jumping on you and licking you." Kevin, 8 ½, Fairview, N.J.

"Why do the kitties eat that nasty stuff? We need to buy them good food." Kelsey, 3, Charleston, S.C.

"My doggie's nose is always running. Maybe he's sick." Amber, 5, Lansing, Mich.

"I wish I was a dog; they get to chase the mailman and they get to go to the bathroom in trees. Why can't I do any of that?" Danielle, 6, New York, N.Y.

"Tell Grandma that after she holds Sniffy (the hamster), she needs to wash her hands, because he smells like peanut butter." Rebecca, 4, Ontario, Calif.

"Why is it that dogs can beg for food and when us kids beg for food we get in trouble?" Angela, 14, S.C.

"Never trust animals to watch your food or drinks." Shannon, 10, Atlanta, Ga.

"The dog ate my homework." Anyone, age 10-18, Anywhere, U.S.A.

"(Our cat) Tootsie smells just like Gramma." Timmy, 6

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