Pets and Guests: Can They Get Along?

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Dealing with Exuberant Guests

Then again, your pet may not be the problem. If your guests are feeding your dog or cat from the table, they are setting you up for problems after they leave. Or they may play a little too rough (kids often don’t realize they may be putting the pet or themselves at risk).

Guests who engage in improper feeding, roughhousing or other “illegal” behaviors will confuse or even frighten your pet. As the host, it’s your responsibility to advise your guests of the “house rules” in a tactful, yet firm manner.

  • Guests should not feed your pet food, except with treats approved by you.
  • Guests should not chase your pet or make him feel trapped or insecure in his own home.
  • Pets should not be picked up or cuddled against their will. If your pet is accustomed to having his own private space, keep it inviolate.

    If they persist or your pet has become overly excited, take the pet to his safe room for the duration of the evening. If your pets and guests are well behaved, then everyone can share in the holiday fun. The key is to balance the needs and expectations of each.



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