Questions that Haunt Dogs

Questions that Haunt Dogs

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Have you ever thought about how dogs think? This is a fun article of things we believe may “haunt” dogs.

Questions that Haunt Dogs…..

  • Where do those treats come from?
  • Why isn’t my food bowl always full?
  • Why do people leave all day?
  • Why don’t people greet me with a sniff like I do them?
  • How do you effectively scratch that place just in front of your tail?
  • Why can’t I walk myself?
  • Why do they give me a squeaky toy and then take it away?
  • Why do they vacuum – I’ll just get more hair on stuff!
  • Which one is the damn pink toy? I don’t see color that well…
  • Why can I go in my bed but not on “the” bed?
  • Where do those people that come to the door come from?
  • How do they get that squeeker in my toy?
  • Why do they let the cat jump on things that I can’t?
  • Why does my mama and papa kiss me and not lick me?
  • Why can’t I eat from the table?
  • Why do some people feed me from the table then scold me for begging?
  • Why can’t I eat the squeaker in my toy?
  • Where do stars come from?
  • Why don’t I have my own refrigerator to get what I want to eat?
  • Why do I get left-overs rather the main course?
  • Why do you get mad when I pee-pee in the bathroom? You Do!
  • What is the difference between a muddy paw and a clean paw?
  • Why do they give me a bath just when I think I smell good?
  • Why don’t they let me lick my bum? It’s not like they wipe it for me!
  • Why don’t people sniff each other’s butts?
  • Why do people voluntarily bathe and wash their hair so frequently?
  • Why do I wear a big collar and my mommy and daddy don’t?
  • Why do people wear all those rings and jewelry?
  • Why does my tail wag side to side rather than up and down?
  • Why is it that you won’t let me sleep on your pillow?
  • Why don’t I get to eat that steak on the grill?
  • Why does the cat get to go wherever it wants and I have to stay home?

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