Reducing Dog Urine Odor

Reducing Dog Urine Odor

Dogs may urinate inside the house for various reasons and removing the odor of dog urine from carpet, furniture or clothing can be difficult. To make matters worse, once the odor of urine becomes associated with an area, more urination in that area is likely.

How Do You Remove Dog Urine Odor?

There are several methods you can try to reduce the urine odor.

  • Wash the area with carbonated soda water or with soapy water and rinse well.
  • As a deterrent, mist the area with vinegar, mouthwash or moth repellant spray.
  • Use commercial products. A variety of products are available to neutralize and break down the source of the urine odors. For most odors, this is the most successful way of eliminating the smell and eliminating the pet’s return to that area. Some of these products include Zero Odor, SeaYu Petrotech Odor Eliminator, Urine-off, Anti Icky Poo (AIP), Nature’s Miracle, Odorban, Odornil, and Nilodor. Some products come with “money back guarantee”. It is very important to follow instruction on the labels of the products.

    After cleaning the area, place small food bowls over the affected area. This can help to deter the dog from future house soiling episodes.

    Caveat: Any product that contains ammonia should be avoided, since the odor of ammonia is similar to the odor of urine.

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