Ten Reasons to Feel Lucky for Your Dog

Ten Reasons to Feel Lucky for Your Dog

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Don your green, gather your shamrocks, and count the reasons you’re lucky to have a canine companion! Having a dog is a blessing, a privilege, and one of life’s great joys. Celebrate dogs and this lucky holiday by reflecting on the fortunes your dog brings you.

Listed below are a few reasons that I feel lucky to have my wonderful dogs:

1. When my day is gloomy, and I am feeling a bit down, nothing cheers me up as quickly as a tail wag and a slobbery, pooch smooch.

2. On days when my alarm clock just isn’t doing the trick pulling me from my slumber, my dogs are more than willing to help keep me on schedule.

3. The greatest, most-motivating running partner I have is my dog.

4. My dogs’ antics bring me laughter on a regular basis. Laughter lifts spirits, improves health, and burns calories!

5. I can always count on my dogs being happy to see me when I arrive home after a stressful day.

6. My dogs enjoy my company even if my clothes don’t match and my hair isn’t brushed.

7. On a cold night, snuggling next to my dogs is a cheaper, safer, more comforting alternative to a heated blanket!

8. My dogs ALWAYS show interest in my cooking!

9. I can use my dogs to gauge the danger level of creaks in the night. If the dogs don’t respond, it must be okay!

10. They bring so much happiness. They’re adorable, they’re sweet, they love unconditionally. They’re my best friends.