Ten Ways to Pamper Your Pet

1. A Bed Fit for a King. Fit for royalty, this bed is hand-painted iron bed with a standard pillow. Made for the most discriminating of pets (and owners), $ 290.00 from Horchow Collection, www.horchow.com.

2. Homemade Treats. Special treats made with great ingredients and lots of love will find a special place in your pet's heart. Whether for treats on the road, a picnic or just hanging around the house, here are some great recipes for homemeade treats for your dog or for your cat.

3. The Art of Massage. Everybody loves a massage and our pets are no exception. Videos and books, such as Loving Touch: The Art of Pet Massage, teaches massage therapy techniques. We'll show you how to give your dog a massage or how to give your cat a massage.

4. A Photography Session. Buy a special frame and get out your camara. Pets are fun (but often challenging) to photograph. Here are some tips for taking great photos of your pet.

5. Video Catnip. Entice your indoor feline with a video of twittering birds, chipmunks and other small animals in a backyard setting. It's the best thing on TV … for your cat! $17.95. Visit the Web site www.cattv.com.

6. Aloha Shirts. This exotic island fashion will bring joy to any shirt-wearing hound. Great for a day at the beach or a ride around the block, this colorful garment is a summer necessity, $30 to $38 from www.rag-dog.com.

7. A Walk. It is safest to exercise your dog in the morning or evening, the coolest times of the day to minimize the risk of heat illness. Here are some things you should know about exercising your pet.

8. Totes. Choose from stylish totes that are functional and practical and bound to make any dog or cat travel in style, $70 to $300, from www.SnootyPets.com.

9. An Enclosure for Your Indoor Cat. It's a jungle out there – the outside world is full of hazards. That's why more cat owners are keeping their feline friends inside. Here are some cat enclosures you can buy or build to allow you frisky feline to enjoy some fresh air.

10. Old Dogs … New Tricks. You can teach your old dog new tricks. Dogs are never too old to learn. Spice up your summer with some training and spend some quality time together. With time and patience older dogs can be taught to do anything that a young dog can.