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Things Dogs Hate About Halloween

Halloween for Dogs is For the Birds!

Many of us love Halloween. Do our dogs love it too? Well, some do and some don’t.

Halloween for people can be fun and festive. Halloween for dogs is often another story.

Here are some top things that dogs hate – from the mouths of dogs themselves!

“I Hate Halloween Because….”

Doorbells. That darn doorbell rings and rings. My owners answer it and then it rings again. I get excited, I bark and they yell at me. I don’t get it. Halloween for dogs is ruff!

Scary Costumes. Ugly, evil-looking things come to the door, and they get something. I don’t know what they get, but I’m sure it’s tasty. The whole ritual is scary and just plain odd. Why do they do that? If I did something like that they would haul me off to the “funny farm.”
Screaming Kids. If the noise and the costumes aren’t bad enough, there are screaming kids to contend with. Screaming children chanting little rhymes that only a mother must be able to admire.

I Don’t Get Treats. On top of it all, there is an abundance of candy going from hand to hand, chocolate, candy bars, and goodies that make a real dog drool. And I don’t get any. None. Stingy people.

They Ignore ME. I am there – barking and doing my dog thing – and no one pays any attention to me. I try to join in on the fun but they keep telling me to go away. With all these new people here at this Halloween party, a dog has lots of sniffing to do. I need to get to know these people to make sure they are safe for my family.

Weird Music and Sounds. People play the most ridiculous music – makes me want to howl … or hide! Did I mention that Halloween for dogs is ruff?

Jack-O-lanterns and Candles. Weird shadows on walls and total ambiance of ghostliness. It would not surprise me if Casper came out of the walls and said boo! Halloween for dogs is weird, too!

I hope these thoughts make you understand some of the things that dogs may not like about Halloween and how Halloween for dogs can be scary and frustrating.