What Does Your Dog Do When Home Alone?

Home Alone: What’s Your Dog Doing?

Your dog may be such a good doggie – doesn’t bark much, doesn’t make a mess, keeps to himself – only offering up his soft little head occasionally for a friendly pat. Good doggie … good, good doggie. And the calmer and more stable the dog, the happier he will be to simply curl up and go to sleep while you’re gone. Right?

If you are an average pet owner, you must have wondered what goes on to keep your dog amused while you are away. And why does he look so guilty when you get home? Here are some things you might notice that make you wonder just what went on during the day:

If you suspect your dog s a bit more active than you thought, try placing a hidden video camera to find out for sure. Or pop in unexpectedly on occasion. Meanwhile, check out these photos to see what you might learn.