Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

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You can make poop taste bad by using coprophagia pet products. Some products are added to the dog’s food and make the waste unappetizing. (You’d think it was already unpalatable, but your dog doesn’t think so.) Some products can be sprinkled on the poop to deter your dog. If you use one of these remedies, all of the waste to which your dog is exposed must be treated. Otherwise, your dog will simply sniff out the better-tasting feces.

Give your dog enough attention and mental stimulation. A frustrated or bored dog can quickly become an anxious dog with a poop-eating problem. Give your dog plenty of exercise and play time. Taking a dog for a walk employs his sensory processing system, his nervous system, and his brain. Even just taking the time to train your dog can give him something to work on. Dogs like to please their owners. The combination of intellectual processing and rewards can help curb a dog’s anxious behavior. If your dog is motivated by food, turn meal times into training sessions by offering pieces of food in exchange for carrying out commands like “sit” and “stay.”

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy involves more than just taking him to regular veterinary visits and feeding him a few times a day. It also entails giving him opportunities to exercise his body and intellect. Consistency is key. Dogs are great at following routines. Fewer surprises can mean a more predictable, less stressed dog. Put the time into making sure your dog gets regular activity and limit his exposure to feces to help him stop eating stuff that’s not good for him, including poop.


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