Why Dogs and Cats Are Better than Kids

A Petplace.com pet lover sent this to us and it made us laugh. We hope you enjoy it too!


Petplace.com Editors

Dogs and cats are better than kids because they:

1.Eat less.
2.Don’t ask for money all the time.
3.Are easier to train.
4.Normally come when called.
5.Never ask to drive the car, they don’t wreck the car and they don’t raise your automobile insurance rates.
6.Don’t hang out with drug-using friends.
7.Don’t smoke or drink.
8.Don’t have to buy the latest fashions.
9.Don’t want to wear your clothes.
10.Don’t need a ‘gazillion’ dollars for college.
11.Don’t mind a bit when you pass gas.
12.Don’t roll their eyes and say “oh Pleeeese”.
13.Don’t play weird music at top volume.
14.Don’t have to get a baby sitter when you go out.
15.They do not answer back.
16.They listen no matter what you say!
17.You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for Christmas and birthdays.
18.They don’t need to be taken to music lessons or soccer practice.
19.They don’t become embarrassed to be seen with you when they reach adolescence.
20.They don’t ride their skateboards where they should not.
21.You do not have to buy them books.
22.In addition to the eating less, they also are not fussy when they get the same meal every night and are grateful.
23.If you scold them, they don’t pout. Generally, they are over it in a minute and love you anyway.
24.They are attentive when you are sick.
25.They don’t go online and charge a bunch of stuff to your credit card.
26.They don’t tie up the phone for hours on end.
27.They do not smart mouth back at you.
28.They do not grab everything in site at the grocery store.
29.You do not have to pay their expensive cell phone bills for talking or texting.
30.They don’t need expensive electronic gadgets…a tennis ball will do just fine and a pair of your socks is even better!
31.They love us unconditionally even when we’re sick in bed or when we have garlic breath…….and never shout “I hate you” when you tell them they have to be home by curfew or that they can’t have the car or that pair of $200 blue jeans that come faded and torn like the ones already in the closet!
32.At night, you can lock them in their kennel and no one will call Child Protective Services on you!
33.Dogs never scream at the top of their voices like children do when they play around or get excited.
34.Dogs will not come home with undesirable piercings or tattoos.
35.They don’t have to ask boyfriends around.
36.They never have to ask you about homework.
37.They don’t scream to get their way.
38.If they give you crap, you can bag it up and throw it away.
39.Wherever you take them, it’s their FAVORITE place to be!
40.Whatever you feed them, it’s the BEST food they’ve ever eaten!
41.When you come home, it’s the MOST FUN they’ve had all day!
42.When someone threatens you, they tell them to back off, no matter how much bigger the other guy is. When someone knocks on the door/rings the doorbell, they remind them of who’s boss and it’s the person/dog on the other side of the door.
43.who’s boss and it’s the person/dog on the other side of the door.
44.Not only do they NOT ask for money, but they don’t ask for an allowance either.
45.And finally…If they get pregnant, you can sell their children.

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