Here's why we love Labrador Retrievers.

Why We Love Them: Labrador Retriever Edition

Labrador Retrievers (Labs) are a favorite breed among Americans, and with their friendly temperament and easy trainability, it’s no wonder why. These pleasant canines are great family dogs and come from a long lineage of working dogs, so they’re adaptable and intelligent. They held the top-spot among breeds in America for 31 years straight and are easily one of the most recognizable dogs around.

History of the Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are named after the Labrador region of Canada’s eastern most province, Newfoundland (which is where they originated). Labs were originally bred as waterdogs, and they worked on fishing boats retrieving the catches.

It wasn’t until 1830, when Labs were brought to England, that they worked more as hunting retrievers than fishing retrievers. At this stage, they were nearly extinct due to changes in Newfoundland’s regulations and taxes. Their popularity in England as hunting dogs is what saved the breed and, after World War II, the breed became incredibly popular, especially in the United States.

Labrador Retriever Personality Traits

While retrieving for hunters and fishermen, the breed relied on high energy levels and extreme obedience. Owners would selectively breed for these traits, which is what the breed became known for. Though easy to train, Labs will need an outlet for all that energy.

Ultimately, Labs are known for their good nature and friendly attitude to both humans and other animals, as well as their high intelligence. These characteristics make Labs excellent service and guide dogs, as well as working dogs for police departments and the military. They are a great breed for new dog owners, as long as they are prepared to keep them active and entertained. Don’t forget, Labs are water dogs and retrievers at heart, so they will be drawn to water and love to have something to carry in their mouths.

Our Favorite Things About Labs

Their adorable snoots are perfect for boops!

Their joy is infectious.

Their playful nature at any age.

Their calm patience in the face of annoyance.

Their dedication to the job at hand.

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in America, Canada, and England for a reason. They are charming and intelligent companions that are perfect for families, working roles, and hunting or fishing. Their high-energy antics and loyal companionship will make them a favorite breed of yours too.