10 Cool Toys for Your Dog

Why do we like dogs? 'Cause they're fun. And they like to have fun, too. So treat your best buddy to some of the coolest dog toys around. Maybe he'll stop having fun with your favorite pair of sneakers.

Wiggly Giggly

Toss this toy and it will make funny noises and unpredictable movements. It will keep your pooch busy for hours.

Disco Spider

Give your puppy a plush toy to toss and chew. Soon, it will be his favorite sleeping companion. Made from Multi Pet.

Booda Fleece Dinosaur

Do you need to replace your pooch's ratty stuffed toy? Why not get a fleece dinosaur. With an adorable plush body, this will be a hit with your dog.

Quazy Quackers

Here is a great toy for your pal. It even makes funny noises to keep your dog wondering and trying to find the source of the sounds for hours.

Plush Puppies-Bungee Toys

With a squeaker and a rattle, this toy also has a stretchable bungee cord. This toy will keep your dog busy for days.


Is your puppy making short work of your special stuffed animals? Save them by getting this soft and bendable toy. Monk-e-Mon is great for inquisitive, teething puppies.

Dragon Tug-a-Long

For the dog who destroys all his toys, this tough tug-a-long is a great choice. Available in many shapes, the dragon tug-a-long is 12 inches in length.

Canine Activity Sport

Are you tired of tossing that ball to keep your active dog busy? Now you can get a machine that does the work for you. This toy will launch tennis balls all day long.

Scoozie Weasel

Looking for a new and different toy? Think Scoozie! These toys come to life as they purr, vibrate and move their heads. In a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, the Scoozie weasel is sure to be popular with your pooch.

Roll-a-Treat Ball

Fill this ball with a treat and watch your dog furiously try to get it out! This toy is made of super durable rubber for even the toughest dog.