Aging with Grace: Caring for Your Senior Dog

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There are a number of commonly diagnosed illnesses known to afflict older dogs. These include:

  • Dental disease: Without proper treatment, this can result in tooth loss and the development of infection that can spread to other parts of the body.
  • Arthritis: Degenerative joint disease may be inevitable for many senior dogs, but effective treatment can improve their comfort level.
  • Heart disease: The most common heart disease in the senior dog is chronic valvular heart disease, caused by thickening and irregularities with the heart’s valves. Early detection and proper therapy can slow this disease’s progression.
  • Cancer: While cancer poses a significant risk for senior dogs, a number of treatment options exist, including surgery and chemotherapy. As a result, not all dog cancers prove fatal.

Ultimately, the dog owner plays a vital role in ensuring a senior canine’s health and well-being. Take the proper steps now to help your dog age gracefully and happily for years to come.

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