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Boy Puppy Names

Picking Boy Puppy Names

Choosing from all the boy puppy names that are available can be challenging and a little daunting. After all, you want your puppy to have a name that captures his personality, and perhaps a bit of yours, that still fits him as he gets older. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what to name your new puppy.

Don’t feel pressured to choose a name right away, if you don’t already have one in mind. It is not necessary to settle for typical boy puppy names, such as Bingo, Benji and Max. Be creative and flexible. It is perfectly acceptable to have your puppy wait a few days before choosing the perfect name for him.

Take a look at your puppy. Does it have any distinctive features that might serve as a good name? Consider a Chihuahua puppy’s ears, a poodle puppy’s puffy tail or a blue nose pit bull puppy’s hue. Good boy puppy names to consider in those cases include Echo, Cottonpuff or Blue.

Perhaps your puppy is extremely affectionate and craves constant attention. Some good boy puppy names for sweet puppies include Bambi, Charmer and Honeybear.

Does your puppy make you laugh at his silly antics? Perhaps your puppy has a very expressive face that makes you giggle, or perhaps he plays with his food before eating it. Whatever the case may be, if you want to capture your puppy’s funny personality, consider names such as Pickles, Calvin, Joker, Mischief Managed or Pinky.

Not all puppies are tiny. Some large breed puppies show early signs of their strength, such as having paws that seem too large for their bodies. Consider choosing a name that exemplifies that strength, such as Bronson, Brock Samson, Popeye, Rocky and Tyson.

Is your puppy a loner? Does he want affection on his own terms? Does he call the shots? Plenty of puppies exhibit an independent nature early on and grow up to be pretty mellow dogs that don’t constantly demand your attention. Some names to consider for independent puppies include Lincoln, Glory, Ranger, Quixote and Spirit.

Some puppies are extremely smart and clever. They pick up your patterns quickly and figure out where you hide toys or where you keep snacks. Maybe they learn commands especially quickly and learn to listen early on (lucky you). For puppies that are especially smart consider names such as Mensa, Rhodes, Aristotle, Dante, Quincy, Tecumseh, Einstein and Sherman.

The name you choose for your puppy should reflect your puppy’s personality; however, it is perfectly acceptable to choose a name that reflects yours. Therefore, feel free to name your puppy after a favorite character from a movie or television show, if you so desire. Some boy puppy names to consider include Spike, Constantine, Scooby, Dwight, Ron Swanson and Ripley.

Why stop at names of movie and television show characters? Consider your favorite novel or comic book. There is a wealth of boy puppy names to choose from, including Flash, Spidey, Darcy, Krypto, Weasley, Quentin, Queequeg and Snoopy. Don’t forget your favorite authors, either. Faulkner, Dickens, Goethe and Kundera are some good choices, as are the names of philosophers such as Nietzsche, Hobbes and Camus.

Show your sense of humor by naming a smaller breed puppy a large name like Atticus, and a larger breed puppy a small name like Tiny. And don’t forget places that are special to you-maybe even because that’s where you found your new puppy-that also make great puppy names. Brooklyn, Reno, Dallas and Taco are some fine choices. Do you enjoy visiting Coney Island? Consider naming your puppy Cyclone, after the star rollercoaster there.

Once you get a sense of the direction you’d like to take as far as choosing the perfect name for your puppy, the sky truly is the limit. It’s easy to initially draw a blank when faced with pressure of having to name a puppy, so remember not to settle for anything until you consider the plethora of boy puppy names available for your puppy’s taking. You may even find it difficult to choose just one.

Let your friends weigh in if you find that you’ve narrowed it down to a few you like and are having trouble making a final decision. Post a photo of your puppy on Facebook and list the names you are considering and invite them to comment in the thread. You can also use Facebook’s Question feature and set up the choices in a poll. Simply go to your Facebook account, and click on “Question” at the top of your screen. Type in “What should I name my new puppy?” and then click “Add Poll Options” to add each name on its own line. Since the idea is to keep a tally of the votes in a more organized manner, disable your friends’ ability to add poll topics by clicking off the checkmark in that spot. By the time voting is over you’ll be left with the perfect name for your puppy.