Celebrity Pet Names: What Do Celebs Name Their Pets?

If you're looking for a superstar name for your pet or just want to stay informed of what's happening in Hollywood. The who's who of the dog and cat world goes by all sorts of names.

The Traditional

Celebrity of not, some Hollywood pups, share the same popular dog names of their blue-collar counterparts.

The Whimsical

Luckily celebrity dogs aren't likely to be picked on about their names. Pets of the true Hollywood "A" list are known for their elaborate and sometimes ridiculous names.

The Inspired

Some celebrities are inspired to name their four-legged companions after a literary work , historical reference or some other artistic reference. These represent the thoughtful pet name choices of Hollywood.

Presidential Pups

Perhaps the most famous pups of history are those that reside at The White House. Presidential pups often have interesting names that are worth remembering.

Celebrity Cat Names

Although they're not as often in the spotlight, many celebs share their home with famous felines. Celebrity cats aren't left off the list for great pet names.