Cleaning Supplies You Need When You Have a Puppy

There are many things a new puppy owner has to think about and organize prior to bringing their “wee one” home and cleaning supplies is just one of them. It wouldn’t do to have the puppy have its first “accident” on the carpet and not have the right stuff on hand to clean and deodorize the spot. In addition, the new pup’s crate will need to be kept clean, as will his food bowl, eating area, and his toys. Having a new pup around is a bit like having a new baby in the house. You have to think about all aspects of the newcomer’s safety, preventing it from coming into contact with infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites) yet also protecting it against exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. As friends and neighbors track in from the street, they will bring in to your home on the soles of their shoes a variety of contaminants ranging from infectious particles to lawn chemicals.

While young pups acquire some initial immunity from their dam toward certain dog-specific bacteria and viruses, this immunity wanes as the pup gets older and is replaced by that derived from vaccination. But the transition from one form of immunity (passive) to the other (active) is not always seamless or complete, often leaving holes in the pup’s defensive armor. It’s safer to assume nothing and do everything to keep the pup free from disease, even if this entails having people take their shoes off at the door and wiping other dogs’ paws off before allowing them into the inner sanctum of your (and, more importantly, the pup’s) home.

Below is a list of cleaning supplies that are worth considering as part of your armamentarium in the war against uncleanliness and disease.

With this bag of tricks, a new puppy owner should be in good shape to go forward and deal with any bacterial, viral, parasitic, ammoniacal, or solid matter waste problem that arises. As usual, prevention is better than cure. Rather than wait for some problem of soiling to arise, grab the bull by both horns and squeegee frequently traversed linoleum, tile, or wood surfaces with an appropriate cleaner at regular intervals. Remember: where puppies are concerned, cleanliness is next to dogliness.