Commercial Brain Games Challenge Your Dog


Kygen also makes some food dispensing toy puzzles that are similar to the Nina Ottosson toys, yet unique in their own right. One that’s been a hit in the puppy classes I teach is the Kibble Drop Puzzle. Kibble or hard dog treats are placed in the toy where gravity can pull them down into the four legs of the toy. To get the treats, the dog has to flip up a cover at the base of each leg. Flipping something up is not a natural action, so the dog has to think, try different motions, and then, when a treat appears, remember what he just did to make the treat appear.

Kygen toys can be found in pet supply stores and online.

And There’s More!

Many companies are now making puzzle toys, food dispensing toys, and other games that are fun for dogs and their owners. When choosing a toy or game, make sure it’s going to be safe for your dog to play with. There should be no sharp edges and it should be sturdy.

Most puzzles are designed with owner participation in mind. Don’t give one of these to your dog and leave for work. Not only will it probably be chewed to shreds, but your dog could hurt himself. However, many food-dispensing toys can be left with the dog. Try it with your supervision first to make sure your dog isn’t going to chew it to bits.




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