Create a Pet Portrait with Personalized Paint by Numbers

Your five year old's crayon drawing of the family dog hangs on the refrigerator. Your cat's photo is displayed on the mantle. And you've been considering honoring your pets with a portrait painted by a professional artist. With a personalized paint-by-number made from a photo you can spend significantly less money and paint that portrait yourself, even if you are not an experienced artist.

Through websites such as and you can have a cherished photo of your pet made into a paint-by-number. Send your photo by email or snail mail, select your desired painting size, and soon you will amaze yourself with your artistic skills.

With these painting kits you can create a realistic portrait of your pampered pet, a beautiful piece of artwork to decorate your home. Kits from include paintbrushes, acrylic paints, a custom designed canvas, and instructions to create your masterpiece.'s prices range from $43 to $146.

The paint-by-number kits are fun for pet lovers of all ages, although children will probably need help from an adult. The unpainted paint by number or a completed paint by number makes a unique personal gift. They are a special way to honor an extraordinary family pet or memorialize a beloved, deceased pet.

Visit the websites for more details, and be on your way to making your pet proud with a personal, painted portrait that declares just how much he means to you.