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Dog Breeds Good with Children

Pets are part of the family, and the best dog breeds that are good with children are ones that are patient, gentle, easily trained, and affectionate. When looking for the best dog for families with kids, you’ll want to look for certain canine traits. The following list includes dogs that are able to handle the excitement, stress, and love of growing up around young humans. With the right preparation, you can pick a great dog to add to your family and life.

On the other hand, some dogs are not well-suited to be around kids at all. These include dogs who are known to show behaviors including nipping and herding, such as Australian Cattle Dogs and Dalmatians. See our list of dog breeds NOT good with children and steer clear of these pooches in general to avoid a potentially distressing situation.

I hope this list of the best dog breeds for families with children is helpful to you.

Dog Breeds Good with Children

Choosing the right dog can be really difficult. We hope this list helps you pick the best dog breed for your home and your family.