how much is a dna test for a dog

How Much Is a DNA Test for a Dog?

A dog DNA test can help you to determine your dog’s heritage. It can also help you to find out about possible illnesses in your dog’s genes before the illnesses are active.

You may have asked yourself, how much is a DNA test for a dog? There are a number of different dog DNA tests on the market, ranging from about $69 to $200. You can purchase these dog DNA tests online or at many pet supply retail stores. While there are a few dog DNA test kits that are slightly cheaper, most of them have poor reliability and have received poor customer reviews.

How much is a DNA test for a dog? Remember that you get what you pay for. To help you make an informed choice, you must start by knowing that all dog DNA tests are not created equal. As a rule of thumb, the more breeds that are in a company’s database, the more expensive the test, and the greater the chance for accuracy. Some tests will provide only breed information while other tests include additional information like a predisposition to certain health conditions. You should make your choice based on your budget, the depth of information you are looking for, and the credibility of the provider.

Here is a list of some of the dog DNA tests available on the market along with their average costs.

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