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Bathing Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time! It means endless cuddles and slobbery kisses and all the joy that comes with getting a new best friend. But it also comes with lot of unexpected responsibilities.

When you’re first searching for a puppy you’re probably not thinking about all of the things they’ll need when they first come home, or the medical care and immunizations they’ll need, or even how to bath them. Puppies are not easy to take care of and they need a lot when you first get them but the work you put into them is more than worth it and can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your life. One of the many things you’ll need to learn about as a new dog owner is how best to keep your new puppy fluffy and clean so you can enjoy that new puppy fur. Here we’ll answer a few of the question you’ll ask yourself when you’re first learning to care for your new puppy.

How Often Does Your Puppy Need to be Bathed?

The short answer to this question is not that often. Dog fur is like human hair in that it has certain natural oils it needs to be healthy and soft. If you bathe your dog too much you’ll strip all those natural oils from their fur and it’ll end up being dull and lifeless. That being said, you shouldn’t let this keep you from washing your dog when they need it. Especially with a new puppy who might like to run around in your backyard and roll around in the mud and grass.

If your dog is more active outdoors and likes to dig or play in the mud it’ll be likely they’ll need to be bathed more often. Especially if your puppy spends time on carpet or furniture.

When To Wash Your New Puppy?

Puppies usually don’t need to be bathed until they are about three months old. You can wash them if they are dirty or smelly but it isn’t as common for puppies to get dirty as it is for older dogs. If your puppy is dirty or smelly, it’s okay to wash them but it is important to make sure they stay warm during the process and that you use the right kind of shampoo that is designed specifically for puppies. It’s the same principle you’d use when bathing a newborn baby, they’re different and more fragile than the full-grown version so they need certain things. Where you’d use a baby shampoo for a baby you’ll use a puppy shampoo for a puppy.

Supplies Needed to Give a Puppy a Bath?

Washcloths: Use washcloths to do most of the work and slowly introduce your dog to water if your dog is new to bathing.

Towels: Keep some towels close by because bathing your new puppy can be a messy process.

Veterinarian approved puppy shampoo: If you use a human shampoo for your dog it can cause allergic reactions and because puppies have different fur than older dogs you’ll want to get a shampoo designed for it.

Cotton balls: These are great for putting in your dog’s ears to avoid getting water in them. Just make sure you don’t put them in too far and you’ll have a much happier puppy!

A dog brush: You’ll want to make sure to brush your dog before washing them to smooth out their fur.

Tips and tricks for getting the job done?

You’ll want to keep all of the things you’ve gathered for bathing your dog within reaching distance while you do it. Before you begin it is important to brush your puppy thoroughly. If you don’t do this their fur will be matted and tangled and much harder for you to wash and more painful for them to have it washed.

If you’re bathing your new puppy for the first time, you’ll want to slowly introduce them to the water and being wet since they’ve never experienced that before. You should also make sure to be very patient with them because this can be a scary process for a new dog and not all breeds are accustomed to liking water.

If you’ve started wondering about other things your puppy needs you can learn about them in our other blog posts. Best of luck bathing your new puppy!